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Non-Invasive Ways to Heal and Manage Pain

In extreme or severe cases, surgery or another invasive procedure may be required to heal broken bones, abnormalities, serious wounds, or life-threatening conditions. In many cases, surgery is an option but not the only option. Many people prefer non-invasive methods and techniques to heal or reduce symptoms of conditions, injuries, or issues.

Various Professionals

Chiropractic techniques focus on non-invasive methods. Manipulation, re-aligning the spine, ultrasound, and exercises are used to improve posture, strengthen muscles, and reduce pain. The neck, shoulders, back, and legs are the most common areas treated in this fashion. Migraines can also be alleviated by visiting a chiropractor instead of prescription medications.

An acupuncturist can use strategically placed needles to release tension, make nerves less sensitive, and improve circulation. An herbalist can recommend natural remedies for mood swings, hormone imbalances, insomnia, swelling, and pain.

Centers for physical therapy Denver can also assist the healing process without invasive measures. Exercises, manual manipulation, heat and cold, massage, and ultrasound are some techniques used to improve, maintain, or restore the highest degree of quality of life. Personalized treatment plans are created to improve mobility, increase strength, heal sprains or ligament tears, reduce swelling, restore functioning, and relieve spasms, headaches, and pain.

A physical therapist also utilizes electrical stimulation, whirlpools, and a procedure called trigger-point dry needling. Similar to acupuncture, small and thin needles are used to diminish sensitive nerves. Persistent pain, muscle tightness, cramps, and spasms are relieved quickly.

Where to Go

Most professionals have private offices, but physical therapists are available in several settings. Hospitals, clinics, sports organizations, fitness centers, and rehabilitation centers. Some facilities, such as Cherry Creek Wellness Center, are designed to provide all types of physical therapy, as well as general exercise areas for fitness. Hand therapy, massage therapy, and even pelvic floor physical therapy are all available along with PT services to help accident or surgery recovery.

Locations, like Cherry Creek Wellness Center, will have the latest equipment, personal training services, and physical therapists to develop fitness plans aimed at specific personal goals. Whether a person needs to build strength, improve balance and coordination, increase endurance and stamina, or lose weight, a plan can be devised based on current physical condition and abilities.

There are actually five different Cherry Creek Wellness Center facilities in the Denver metropolitan area. Most major cities have similar companies and facilities that will save people time and money, provide an alternative to surgery, and assist with healing.

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